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Snapshot: This page credits the resources we have used to develop the site. It links clearly (whenever possible) to the source, and states the relevant licence

Content Creation
Content Creation | Credit: Pen Lister (the uni library)
Content Creation
Content Creation | Credit: Pen Lister (the uni library)

Author Team

  • Laura Hambly (TBA)
    Laura is the lead content author for the Expertise channel, and has created more than fifty articles for the Continuing Professional Development learning pathways, working closely with Charl, who manages the channel and designs the accreditation programmes, including several masters degree level modules. Laura is an experienced elearning academic.
  • Jim Pettiward (BA, MSc)
    Jim leads on authoring content for the Weblearn channel, which carries all our Blackboard tutorials and examples of learning and teaching effectively using Blackboard. He is an experienced elearning practitioner and has extensive knowledge of the Blackboard 9.1 VLE platform. 
  • Pen Lister (MA, MSc, FHEA, MBCS)
    Pen has developed the techncial and design build for the eMatrix resource, and works closely with Charl Fregona on stakeholder requirements and information architecture. Pen also contributes articles to the Tutorials, Blog and Universities channels, both as a practising academic and a web technologies professional.
  • Charl Fregona (TBA)
    Charl is the instigator of the eMatrix project, and as senior academic has overall editorial control for all article content and pedgagogical quality. She also designs all the learning content for the Expertise channel.


General sources of materials used in articles are listed below:


Download Files

  • Original (article) author
  • Journals
  • Open Access Research
  • Google Books
  • TBA




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  • Smashing Magazine
  • Dry Icons
  • Deviant Art


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