by Laura Heap, on Dec 04, 2013

How is learning changing?

Snapshot: A look at how learning is changing.

There is no doubt that the education landscape has changed radically in the last few decades.

We have the opportunity to re-imagine learning, moving away from classroom-based learning with a textbook or teacher-lead lectures towards personalised and interactive education.

With the technology available to us today we can access library books from home via our computer. We can take part in webinars where top academics across the globe can share information and collaborate. We can access online learning materials, often for free, and learn in our own time, at our own pace.

A great place to start exploring these changes is with the Mashable infographic on how online education is changing the way we learn to get an overview of the changes in facts and figures.

The video opposite introduces Open Education which is a major change happening in education. Also take a look at Sugata Mitra's fascinating video on how education, skills and employment are changing. You can also follow him on twitter @Sugatam.

Now delve in to any of the resources below to get a better understanding of the changes taking place....

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How is learning changing?

A Guardian article on digital technology in HE:

Digital innovation: changing the learning landscape

Here Dr Petrea Redmond discusses how learning is moving from face-to-face into blended and online environments and what this means for education:

From face-to-face teaching to online teaching: Pedagogical transitions

A JISC article by former NUS President Aaron Porter that discusses how HE needs to reconsider its delivery of education:

Is technology at the heart of the student experience?

Kim Hendrick discusses how learning is evolving:

What 21st century learning means to me

The papers below focus on two changes in how we are learning:

7 things you should know about connected learning

7 things you should know about collaborative learning spaces

Follow this link for JISC information on how technology is enhancing lectures in HE:

How to enhance lectures: tools, techniques and content

Also see this article by Terry Heick:

Shift_Learning: The 7 Most Powerful Idea Shifts In Learning Today

Download the pdf below by Preston et al (2010) which discusses how lecture technologies are changing higher education:


Future of learning: documentary

The future of education: links

An article discussing the future of global Higher Ed:

Online learning could provide the answer

An infographic showing some of the predicted developments in education technology

Envisioning education technology

View the webinar below which sees different American educators discuss what the future of education might hold:

Connected learning: The future of education

Salman Khan talks about The Khan Academy and how they are moving towards their future goals:

TED Talk: Salman Khan

The video opposite is by the Norwegian Centre for ICT >

Trivia and general reading

How is learning changing?
Future of learning: documentary
The future of education: links
Trivia and general reading