by Laura Heap, on Nov 20, 2013

How will learning online help me succeed?

Snapshot: The benefits of e-learning and how it can help you succeed as a learner.

| Credit: PJ Lovelace (2012) Flickr
| Credit: PJ Lovelace (2012) Flickr
What are you going to get from e-learning?

Hopefully the answer is a lot.

Online learning has many benefits, some of which are discussed in our post pros and cons of online learning. However, what does it mean for you as a learner?

Firstly, you have the opportunity to work at your own pace. Online learning material can be viewed again and again, videos can be paused, podcasts can be repeated and texts can be read as slowly as you like. Online learning is often more student centred which means you will be working out the answers for yourself. This can give you a greater sense of achievement for successfully completing a task. Working in an online community means you can ask for support from your peers and in-turn offer support to them. This sharing of knowledge and information leads to what is termed "A community of inquiry".

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This repost of Karen Jones' article on e-learning benefits highlights some important advantages. Which are relevant to you?

The advantages of e-learning

This JISC Infonet paper summarises the benefits of e-learning such as increased achievement, retention and employability skills. The essential reading is from pages 14 to 27.

Exploring tangible benefits of e-learning

A quick guide to the benefits of e-learning for both lecturer and student from the University of Nottingham:

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Edudemic have an article on the 3 big benefits of e-learning:

Benefits of online learning

Finally, take a look at some success stories from around the world:

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