by Laura Heap, on Dec 11, 2013

Why is learning changing?

Snapshot: Why are changes in education taking place?

In our previous post How is learning changing? we looked at the changes taking place in education today.

This post examines why these changes are happening and what is driving the change.

There are various reasons:

  • The development of technology surely plays a part.
  • Online learning can make education more accessible.
  • Students need to be taught different skills to face 21st century jobs - for example, social media marketing is a job that didn't exist 10 years ago.
  • With the rise in fees, students are questioning the value of HE courses.
  • Free and accessible online education resources such as MOOC's are gaining popularity.
  • Learners sitting in a lecture can find the information they need faster on their smartphone than a lecturer might take to explain it.

Education needs to stay relevant.

Start with the video opposite which shares the views of Ken Robinson on how and why our education system is changing.

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The drivers of change?

An excellent article by Online Learning Insights which looks at the drivers for change, the changing pedagogy and the changing models in HE:

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Why online education works

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Student views

Student voices on how ICT has changed the way they learn

The drivers of change?
Student views