by: Pen Lister on: Dec 07, 2012

The London Met Elearning Matrix

Snapshot: The Elearning Matrix is a web resource full of tutorials, news, articles and academic theory in online learning, teaching and assessment.

The Learning Centre 'learning pods'
The Learning Centre 'learning pods' | Credit: Pen Lister
The Learning Centre 'learning pods'
The Learning Centre 'learning pods' | Credit: Pen Lister

The London Metropolitan University Elearning Matrix gathers together tutorials, news, articles and educational resources for online learning, teaching and assessment that are relevant to the development of HE practice. The site is curated by the CELT eLearning team at London Metropolitan University. Staff from across all faculties and universities are invited to contribute to these resources, as well as anyone interested and involved in elearning who may not be part of a university. Please use the contact form if you have an idea or need for content.

We began the Elearning Matrix project in 2009 after a resource of this kind was commissioned by the Learning and Teaching Committee under the aegis of the Academic Director. Back then it was known as the “UBLR” or “University Blended Learning Resources” site. Initially it was envisaged as a resource embedded in our LMS - Blackboard Vista – which is called WebLearn. Now the site links to WebLearn and is intended for continuing professional development in online learning.

More about the Ematrix Site

Elearning falls into some clear areas - not just the learning, teaching and assessment, but also the theory, practice, pedagogy and other aspects like tutorials and case studies. We've split our areas into the following channels:

List of Channels

  • The Expertise section Our channel for continuing prefessional development, under the SEDA scheme
  • The Tutorials section Tutorials on all types of technology in learning, teaching and asesment
  • The Weblearn section Our channel for all things relating to the Blackboard learning management system - at London Met we call this Weblearn
  • The Blog & News section Our blog - that's every article published in each channel of the Matrix, plus some added news and discussion articles