by Jim Pettiward, on Jan 08, 2013

There’s no place like home…

Snapshot: How can you create a welcoming Entry Point (Home Page) in your Weblearn module for your students

Setting the Entry Point to your module:

The Entry Point  to a Weblearn module is simply the first page that students see when they enter that module - it's the equivalent of a Home Page.

It’s a good idea to think about your module from your students’ perspective. Try asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is the name and ID of the module immediately clear?
  • Are there contact details for key staff involved in the module?
  • Is there any information on how to access important content on the module?
  • Will the page be static or dynamic (in other words do you want to periodically change and update it with new information)?
  • Is the page uncluttered and visually appealing? (the Blackboard interface probably won't win any design awards, but at the very least the information on the Entry page should be clear and easy to read)

< Watch this CELT eLearning screencast to give yourself a few ideas.

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How to select the Entry Point to your module

You can set which page is your Entry Point from Customisation in the Control Panel of your module. Your Entry Point can be anything which appears on this list. The most common places chosen seem to be the Module Dashboard, Announcements, or a Content Area.

Click on Customisation and select Style. The first option in Style allows you to choose which page is set as the Entry Point to your module. Use the drop down arrow to select your Entry Point.

See the attached Guide below for more detail


The module dashboard

The module dashboard

The default Entry Point to your module will most likely be what is known as the 'module dashboard'. This can contain any widgets which you choose to make available to students: for example Announcement, Needs Attention, Useful Links.

You can edit the module dashboard to create an effective and attractive Entry Point to your module. You can edit the Page Banner of the Module Dashboard to include:

- Module Name and Code

- Name and contact details of anyone teaching on the module

- An image related to the module


To find out how to do this, have a look at the PDF guide in 'How to select the Entry Point to your Module' above.

How to select the Entry Point to your module
The module dashboard
The module dashboard